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Curriculum Vitae

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Research Experience

    Graduate Research Assistant
    2021 - Present
    PUFFIN Group, Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT)
    Supervisors: Prof. Jack Hare
    Project: Developing experimental platforms for pulsed-power driven magnetic reconnection (within an externally-generated field), for guide-field reconnection experiments.
    MSci Project
    2020 - Present
    Astrophysics Group, Imperial College London
    Supervisors: Dr David Clements (Imperial) and Dr Chris Pearson (RAL)
    Project: Far-infrared extra-galactic astronomy with the Herschel Space Observatory.
    UROP Research Student
    MAGPIE Lab, Plasma Physics Group, Imperial College London
    Supervisors: Prof. Sergey Lebedev, Dr Jack Hare, and Dr Lee Suttle
    Project: Exploration of the time evolution of a plasma gun jet using two-colour interferometry and Thomson scattering. Analysis of simulations and experimental data for pulsed-power magnetised shock experiments.
    UROP Research Student
    Optics and Photonics, Imperial College London
    Supervisors: Dr Kenny Weir and Prof. Martin McCall
    Project: Development of novel experimental techniques, hardware, and software, to study the reflectance spectra of chiral thin-films and chiral beetle chitin (shells).
    SIA Experimental Research Project
    Physics Department, Warwick School
    Project: Proof-of-concept electromagnetic accelerator, featuring custom diagnostics and control system.
    Work Experience Student
    Circuits and Systems Group (EEE), Imperial College London
    Supervisors: Dr Shane Fleming
    Project: Error correction algorithms for ESA's OPS-SAT satellite. Fabrication of a simple proof-of-concept robot. Ground-up 8-bit processor design using Intel Quartus and ModelSim.


    Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT)
    2021 - Present
    PhD, Nuclear Science and Engineering (Plasma Physics)
    Imperial College London
    2017 - 2021
    MSci Physics
    Warwick School
    2010 - 2017
    A-Level and GCSE


    2020 - 2022
    Outreach Team Volunteer